Next Level Tailgating

  • Jun 21, 2019

For many fans, tailgating before the game is just as important as the action on the field. A University of Minnesota study recently confirmed this when it found that 1 in 5 fans tailgate before the game. For a serious tailgater, the food, beverages and atmosphere have to be just right. To make the most of your pre-game party, we've highlighted five essentials that every respectable tailgater needs to make this a winning season. 

1. Get Comfortable

If you're arriving at the stadium 4 hours before the game, it's going to be a long day so you'll want to conserve your energy. Sturdy, compact and comfortable seating is an absolute must for any serious tailgater. Folding chairs that pack into a carrying bag are ideal for easy transportation, set up and pack up. Look for handy features such as cup holders or a detachable canopy. 

2. Equip Yourself with Tools of the Trade

The grill is the centerpiece of any tailgate and the grill master is arguably the most important person there. He or she needs the right tools to transport and cook the food that will fuel fans for the day. A BBQ set complete with apron and utensils is a must, but don't forget about handy accessories like coolerswine totes and bottle openers

3. Take Care of Your Beverages

No tailgate is complete without beverages, so you better make sure you have the right drink ware. Stadium cups are all-time favorites for beer and soft drinks, but there are other options to consider. Wine drinkers love the Vacuum Insulated Cup and morning tailgaters appreciate an insulated travel mug that will keep their coffee hot for hours. And if you need an insulated travel mug for your morning coffee that doubles as a can insulator for later in the day, the Sherpa is your go-to.  

4. Don't Forget The Tunes

No party is complete without music. You can drain your battery by blasting your car stereo, but a better option is a durable outdoor Bluetooth speaker. These tailgate-ready speakers are available in a range of price points and sound great, even if they get bumped or wet.  

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