NEW PRODUCT! Inversion Umbrellas

  • Jul 17, 2019

The design revolution that's improved umbrellas forever.

Umbrellas are the ideal swag item. Check it out: One size fits all, it rains just about everywhere and everybody uses them. Take advantage of umbrellas as a promotional product and make a serious brand impression every time it is used.


Thinking to yourself something like, "Ok, umbrellas are useful and universal, but where's the cool factor? My clients want something exciting."

No worries! Exciting advances in our umbrella collection are happening all the time. The most recent evolution in umbrellas is the introduction of our inversion umbrella collection.

What is an inversion umbrella?

How a inversion umbrella works

These all-new, super-cool umbrellas close so that the outside of the canopy is pulled inward, trapping water on the inside and making it easier to close from a car seat or doorway.

(Shop Inversion Umbrellas)

In January 2019, we had a major inversion umbrella expansion and added five new styles to our industry-best collection of inside-out inversion umbrellas. The collection now includes designer patterns and a wide variety of colors. 

To really get a feel for the awesomeness of an inversion umbrella you really need to see one in action.  Visit our store or call to schedule a demo today.  941-227-0130

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